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Mindful Meditation
Every Wednesday 9 am
Join us to experience the various styles of "guided" meditation. Those new to meditation will find these sessions helpful, as well as experienced meditators.

Spiritual Sharing Circle
2nd Thursday 6:45 pm
A place for interested persons to regularly gather and share their experiences in a safe and supportive environment.

A Course of Love
Every Thursday
at 8:30 am
A support, sharing and spiritual growth group that uses books such as "A Course of Love"and "The Way of Mastery" as discussion guides.

Programs and Events
The Song of Inspiration
Conversation with Robin Landsong
Sunday, April 18 at 2:00 pm EDT

Robin Landsong

NOTE: Prior to this meeting, ALL participants are encouraged to see Robin's amazing life story. Go to website below, scroll to bottom of page, and click on video: www.robinlandsong.com/memoir.

After surviving a childhood abduction to Africa and two near-death experiences, by the age of eight, Robin Landsong was called back to life by the medicine song of a rural Zimbabwean woman, opening her to a lifelong ministry of "Singing Medicine" which she has now shared with to over 14,000 people. Join Robin in conversation as she explores: How do we turn our suffering into our inspiration, strength and resilience? What safety do we need to hear our divine assignment? How can ancestral healing free us to live our purpose?

Today, Robin is a transformational speaker, health intuitive, and medicine singer. Through seminars as well as in-person and distance healing sessions, Robin uses craniosacral therapy and singing medicine to help individuals recover from physical, emotional or spiritual distress, to restore their body's natural rhythms, and to regain their creativity, intuition and embodiment.

Spiritual Sharing Circle
  Thursday, May 13, 6:45 pm
Meeting via Zoom until further notice
A place for interested persons to regularly gather and share their experiences in a safe and supportive environment. If interested or to lean more contact Janet at mather@contemporarymysticism.org.
Hearing the Call to Love
Conversation with Sebastián Blaksley, Argentina
Sunday, May 23 at 2:00 pm EDT

Sebastian Blaksley

Can anything stop a soul in love when the Beloved is heard calling? Hearing this call is like hearing a song once loved but forgotten. Your soul begins to remember more vividly the voice of love, a call to return to a direct relationship with God. Join us for a conversation with Sebastián Blaksley as he shares how invisible realms of Angels became visible to him in an extraordinary series of 144 visitations, overseen by Archangels Raphael and Gabriel. They asked him to take down their messages, including messages from Jesus and Mother Mary. Choose Only Love is the result and it sounds an echo of holiness in the heart, a call to be in Divine Embrace.

Resident and native of Buenos Aires, Sebastián was reared in a large Catholic family where many events of his early life helped to shape the person he has become today. At the age of six, Sebastián was involved in a near-fatal accident during which he heard a voice identifying itself as Jesus. Later he attended a Jesuit school of which Jorge Bergoglio was headmaster (the man who is now Pope Francis.) Out of these early experiences, Sebastián developed a strong desire to become a monk. However, his family neither approved nor supported him in this desire, so he ultimately opted to pursue a career in international business. After working in England, China, Panama and the US, Sebastián returned home to found his own corporate consulting firm in Argentina, which he led for over 10 years.

Throughout all those years, however, Sebastián kept hearing an inner voice saying: "You must be in the world, without being of the world." ln 2013, he began to record messages from his mystical experiences. In 2016, Sebastián miraculously discovered A Course of Love and felt called to devote himself to bringing it to the Spanish-speaking world. He founded the Fundación Amor Vivo and now receives, transcribes and shares what the voice of Christ—the voice of love—dictates. Most recently Sebastián has received Choose Only Love, a series of seven books, the first of which was published in October 2019.

A Transformed World: The Rising
  Feminine and the Way of Mary

What might ancient feminine wisdom have to say to us today? What new wonders could come to be if we were to create with the 'thought of Love' rather than the 'love of thought'? Mari Perron, author and first receiver of the national best-seller, A Course of Love, joins us for a free conversation based upon her latest book, Mirari: the Way of the Marys, a dialogue between Mari Perron and Mary of Nazareth.

Cultivating Compassion in a
  Chaotic World

How can we rise up out of our own biases and personality to see the world through different eyes – through the eyes of our “sacred Self”? Where do we find compassion for those who seem determined to sow seeds of conflict and division? Join healer and psycho-spiritual therapist, Adriene Nicastro, as she helps us move away from old ways of thinking which keep us locked in a place of judgement and fear into viewing reality through the eyes of the Divine.

Uniting Mysticism and Activism
  for Social Change

Do you want a future where everyone can thrive and where Black Lives Matter? Do you want to find your role in the growing movement for transformational change, and learn how to make your activism more strategic and spiritually grounded? Join nationally-known Quaker activist and award-winning spiritual writer, Eileen Flanagan, for a live webinar and Q&A on "Uniting Mysticism and Activism for Social Change".

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