Center for Mysticism
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Mindful Meditation
Every Wednesday 9 am
Join us to experience the various styles of "guided" meditation. Those new to meditation will find these sessions helpful, as well as experienced meditators.

Spiritual Sharing Circle
2nd Thursday 6:45 pm
A place for interested persons to regularly gather and share their experiences in a safe and supportive environment.

A Course of Love
Every Thursday
at 8:30 am
A support, sharing and spiritual growth group that uses books such as "A Course of Love"and "The Way of Mastery" as discussion guides.

Programs and Events
Spiritual Sharing Circle
  Thursday, December 10, 6:45 pm
Meeting via Zoom until further notice
A place for interested persons to regularly gather and share their experiences in a safe and supportive environment. If interested or to lean more contact Janet at mather@contemporarymysticism.org.
Cultivating Compassion in a
  Chaotic World
A Conversation with Adriene Nicastro
LIVE Online Sunday, December 13th at 2:00

Adriene NicastroHow can we rise up out of our own biases and personality to see the world through different eyes – through the eyes of our “sacred Self”? Where do we find compassion for those who seem determined to sow seeds of conflict and division? Join healer and psycho-spiritual therapist, Adriene Nicastro, as she helps us move away from old ways of thinking which keep us locked in a place of judgement and fear, through developing tools to discover a new way of viewing reality through the eyes of the Divine.

Adriene is the award-winning author of The Soul-Discovery Journalbook, winner of the 2018 Silver Nautilus Book Award for Personal Growth and Development. She regularly leads workshops and retreats, both locally and internationally, and maintains a private practice assisting clients with a blend of metaphysics, psychotherapy and spiritual healing. To learn more about Adriene and her work click here to visit her website, PATHWAYS TO INNER PEACE.

Uniting Mysticism and Activism
  for Social Change

Do you want a future where everyone can thrive and where Black Lives Matter? Do you want to find your role in the growing movement for transformational change, and learn how to make your activism more strategic and spiritually grounded? Join nationally-known Quaker activist and award-winning spiritual writer, Eileen Flanagan, for a live webinar and Q&A on "Uniting Mysticism and Activism for Social Change".

Live the Life that is Calling You!

How can an understanding our soul’s evolution help us to navigate these times of crisis, change and grief? Join Linda for an online talk on how to truly live the life you hear calling. Dr. Linda Backman is nationally renowned as a regression therapist and psychologist with over 40 years of private practice. She is author of three books and has been featured on Dr. Oz, Gaia TV and Coast to Coast AM. Don’t miss this engaging program.

Re-Unioning: The Spiritual
  Practice for These Times

Join us for a program with minister, activist and visionary, the Rev. Rhetta Morgan, as she leads us in a conversation on "how we return to the truth of our oneness." Founder of Ecclesia Spirit interfaith spiritual community and facilitator for the Anti-Defamation League, Rhetta brings a unique perspective to help us ask questions such as: What is ours to do in this time of great transformation and dismantling of unjust systems? Don't miss this timely and important program.

Howard Thurman: A Spirit of
  Hope for Our Time

One of the most significant spiritual figures of the 20th Century, Howard Thurman (1899-1981), was a mystic, theologian, minister and educator. Born the grandson of a slave, he taught the power of love, hope and the unity of all, and became a spiritual mentor to people all over the world including the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and other civil rights leaders. Join us for a conversation with filmmaker and minister Arleigh Prelow, as she shares from her 20 years of research into the life, spirit and wisdom of Thurman. Her film, The Psalm of Howard Thurman, is nearing completion and is under consideration by PBS.

Wisdom from the Angels

Don't miss this conversation with Irish mystic and author, Lorna Byrne. With only a third grade education and after overcoming severe dyslexia, Lorna’s books - including the internationally acclaimed, Angels in My Hair – reached #1 in the British Sunday Times and have been translated into over 30 languages. Lorna's story began in childhood when she realized she could see and talk with angels, just as we see and talk with the people around us every day. In 2019, Lorna was named as one of the 100 Most Spiritually Influential People living today.

Wisdom Teachings for Our Time

Join us for a conversation with political scientist, author and distinguished professor, Penny Gill, who taught European and Comparative Politics at Mount Holyoke College in Massachusetts for over three decades. Penny can help us ask, "Could the societies we have built be founded upon ideas and institutions which are no longer sustainable?" and "How can we each be a 'force for good' in the changes which are inevitably coming?" For more information on Penny Gill and her book click here.

Healing From Racism: A Contemporary Shaman's Perspective

Don't miss this conversation with contemporary shaman and healer, Erva Baden, as we explore the journey of recovery from the inter-generational effects of racism and the trauma experienced by our ancestors.Erva's work has focused on assisting people in reclaiming their lives from the epigenetic effects of the traumas of racism. Founder of the Soul Restoration Journey, Erva has trained with Louise Hay, Sandra Ingerman and Alberto Villoldo.

A Mystic's Window into the Future

Don't miss this conversation with Cyndi Smith as we look at the future - what it may hold for us and for all of humanity. Cyndi is not only a mother and grandmother, she is also an empath and gifted spiritual medium. This year Cyndi began receiving messages which she feels were meant to be shared. Cyndi shares reasons or us to have hope, as well as guidance for times ahead.

Can Pandemics Teach Us Anything?

Join us for a conversation with the Rev'd Clifford Cutler. He is not only a lifelong Episcopal priest but also a student of History and the role Mysticism has played throughout history, especially during times of plagues and pandemics. Could the these times be calling us to a newer mystical view of life, a world based on inclusion and equality rather than privilege and prejudice?

Mary Reed
A Mystical View of Pandemic

Join us at the Center's first "online" program as we attempt to understand and process the experiences of living through a world-wide pandemic. Center board member Patricia Pearce leads a conversation with Mary Reed (right) who describes herself as an "accidental modern mystic" whose journey has taken her from a world health executive to monastic life in the Himalayas.

Mary Reed
Anxiety and the Pandemic

A conversation on anxiety with Due Quach (pronounced 'Zway Kwok') whose family escaped Vietnam by boat. After growing up in poverty in inner city Philadelphia, she turned to neuroscience to heal the long-term effects of trauma. Due is an founder of CALM CLARITY, a pioneering social enterprise that uses science to empower people of all backgrounds to overcome adversity.

Resources for Our Time
Cyndi Smith shares a message from Archangel Gabriel
Words of John O'Donohue, Irish poet, author, priest
Poignant father-daughter duet of ballad written in 1982
Beautiful 4 minute prayer based on Ellen Bass's poem
From the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
From American poet, social activist and playwright
From Indian author and political activist, Arundhati Roy
My grandmother once gave me a tip
A poem on the pandemic by a retired Wisconsin teacher
A beautiful 7 minute meditation for our world
A new idea for this year's Easter Egg Hunt!
What if we thought of this as the most sacred of times?
Supporting our local restaurants and their employees
by Richard Hendrick, a Capuchin monk
A prayer chain and resources for dealing with this time