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Mindful Meditation
Weekly meditation classes are not currently meeting. However they will resume on Wednesday, September 12 at 9:00 am. Please mark your calendar and join us.

A Course of Love
Every Thursday 8:30 am
A support and sharing group focused on personal and spiritual growth, using the book, "A Course of Love" as discussion guide.

Spiritual Sharing Circle
2nd Thursday 6:45 pm
A place for interested persons to regularly gather and share their experiences in a safe and supportive environment.

Mindful Worship
Most Sundays 5:00 pm
Quiet contemplative service of music, meditation, readings, prayers and communion. Every Sunday except when there is a Choral Evensong service.

Introductory Experience
A monthly introduction is offered for those who would like to know more about the natural healing practice of Reiki. To sign up or learn more contact class@ contemporarymysticism.org.
Programs and Events
The Center offers a wide variety of events, programs and classes. We hope you find these meaningful in your own spiritual journey. We also invite you to join us in supporting the Center through your membeship and donations. If you have any questions, contact us by email at info@contemporarymysticism.org and click here to join our mailing list.
Spiritual Sharing Circle
Sharing CircleSt. Paul's Dixon House, 22 E. Chestnut Hill Ave.
Thursday, August 9, 6:45 pm
A place for interested persons to regularly gather and share their experiences in a safe and supportive environment. If interested or to lean more contact Janet at mather@contemporarymysticism.org.
The Connected Universe
with Annabella Wood
St. Paul's Parish Hall, 22 E. Chestnut Hill Ave, Phila
Sunday, September 16, 2 - 4 pm

AnnabellaPyramidFor years the scientific community has told us that we are all alone in the universe; there is no connection between us. This belief has brought us to the brink of destruction. Fortunately a new understanding of how the universe works is emerging. It brings together sacred geometry, ancient wisdom, metaphysics, astrology, astronomy, music and science. It demonstrates how every part of creation is directly connected. Changing our thought system has the potential of creating a whole new society, one in which we see that connection is our true reality rather than separateness. Come and examine some of the indisputable evidence of a universal connection which is turning the scientific community's "Chaos Theory" on its proverbial ear.

As a Delegate of The Resonance Science Foundation, Annabella Wood recently returned from a study/research trip to Egypt. Her earlier life experiences and study were wildly variable, from living for 30 years on an 18 wheeler, to in-depth study of A Course in Miracles, The Work of Byron Katie, and Religious Science. She moved on to Bryn Mawr College where she earned a Fulbright Scholarship to study the nature of thought and its imprint on physical reality. Eventually, Annabella earned a degree in Religion, Holistics and Spirituality and was ordained as an interfaith minister. Most recently she divides her time between her Handywoman business, performing weddings and ceremonies, and traveling and studying with The Resonance Science Foundation.

Spiritual Grounding & Social Activism
with Rhetta Morgan
St. Paul's Parish Hall, 22 E. Chestnut Hill Ave, Phila
Sunday, October 7, 2 - 4 pm
RhettaHow are we being called forth during these times? What cause moves our heart to action? How can dedicated spiritual practice impact the ways we serve? Rhetta Morgan will talk about bringing the mountain top experience of spiritual expanse into action in the world, on behalf of social justice. She will help us to understand: the difference between reacting and responding, and the intersection of being and doing.

Musician, activist, visionary and interfaith minister—Rhetta Morgan's work encompasses spirituality, activism and creativity, contributing to change and transformation toward a more just community and world. Before her ordination 2009, she was a professional singer performing internationally for many years. Since her ordination the Rev. Morgan has been very active in the Philadelphia area as

  • Founder of Ecclesia Spirit, an inclusive, interfaith spiritual community;
  • Founder of While We Wait Project, providing spiritual and emotional support to loved ones of incarcerated individuals; and
  • Facilitator with the Anti-Defamation League’s A World of Difference Institute.
Rhetta Morgan is a board member of Earth Quaker Action Team and has worked with Philly Thrive, PILOTS’ student organizers, MAYPOP, The New Economy Coalition and Protecting Our Waters. "Some of my most meaningful work," she states, "is mentoring and counseling activist leaders, and encouraging self-care against despair, overwhelm and depression."

Rhetta Morgan will also lead a workshop on Saturday, October 6, 10am–4pm entitled, Centering the Power of Love.

When Spirit Calls: A Healing Odyssey
with Joan Diver
St. Paul's Parish Hall, 22 E. Chestnut Hill Ave, Phila
Sunday, November 11, 2 - 4 pm

JoanBookPrevious Director of Contemplative and Healing Ministries at St. Paul's Episcopal Church (2000-2002) Joan Diver returns to share her journey from foundation executive to spiritual healer as told in her new memoir, When Spirit Calls. From the congregation of preacher and mystic Howard Thurman to the feet of an Indian guru, through the struggles of urban life and physical pain, Joan’s story unfolds like a fast-moving novel. Deeply personal, it reveals Joan's fears as she follows her call.

Through years of back pain, she finds herself led from orthopedic surgeons to Santa Fe healers, from Christ's tomb in Jerusalem to an ashram in India, from the Great Pyramid of Giza to the inmost chambers of her heart. Her husband, Colin, while Dean of Penn Law School, joins her as a self-described "stowaway" on her spiritual journey. When Spirit Calls is an eloquent tale of opening one's heart to divine love.

Joan is a writer, healer, and currently an advisor to the upcoming film about the life and wisdom of Howard Thurman. In her "prior life" Joan was Executive Director of the Hyams Foundation in Boston, where she was a leader in philanthropy and social justice. When Spirit Calls is her first book and it touches our deepest yearning for the voice of the soul and peace for the world. Join us as Joan shares her journey, signs books, and calls us to follow our own path to healing and wholeness for ourselves and our world.