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Cyndi Smith
by Cyndi Smith

Knee replacement surgery was scheduled for me on April 5. I was not scared, but I also was not looking forward to the surgery and recovery.

About 2 weeks prior to my surgery a wonderful gift arrived. I had been outside working in our yard and had come into the kitchen. As I walked in, my eyes caught something on the floor. It was a feather, mostly black with some brown on it. I thought,” I must of brought it in on my shoe”. So I picked it up and placed it on our Welsh cupboard in the kitchen and forgot about it.

A week later I was cleaning up from breakfast and I walked past the cupboard and there ON the cupboard was another feather. This one was gray. It was early in the morning, we have 2 noisy dogs and no birds, and no one had been in our house, someone or something had to have put the feather there. I was now very aware that something unusual was happening.

I thought about the first feather. Both feathers are a good 4 inches long. In our house the kitchen is in the middle of the house, so to get there you have to cross our living room, den or come through the garage and laundry room. There is no way a feather would stick to a shoe for that distance.

Finally that afternoon I got quiet and asked Gabriel if the feathers were from him. He said yes, they were from him for “reassurance.” I was stunned and humbled. What a wonderful gift.

Even as a psychic I had missed the first feather’s message so he had to place the second feather where I wouldn’t miss it.

I did enter surgery knowing I would be fine. I now am recovering and working on my knee strength.

Two feathers will always remind me of my Angelic connection and their sweet, persistent love.

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