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Cyndi Smith
by Cyndi Smith

For those of you who don't know me, I am a psychic and a medium. I've had most of my gifts since birth. Angels and Guides have talked and guided me throughout my life. At the beginning of 2020 Archangel Gabriel came to me and told me that he had some messages he wanted me to get out into the world. He asked if I would help him. I agreed.

Back on June 28, 2020, I did a video presentation for the Center for Contemporary Mysticism entitled, "A Mystic's Window into the Future," which may be viewed on this website. I invite anyone who is interested to check it out by clicking here. It will have more details of this first encounter and messages from Gabriel.

Gabriel's first real message to me was on April 26, 2020. He took me into the future where I could see and feel my surroundings. It was a world full of peace, less stress and relaxed, a place we will want to live in. What follows is what I saw.

Today Gabriel showed me what the future of our world will look like. In 10 years we will see great changes, in 25 years we will see a completely changed world. Fossil fuels will no longer be used, everything will be battery powered or run by some other renewable energy. Homes, cars, boats, airplanes, businesses all will be run with renewable energy. I saw large container ships all run by large batteries, no pollution went into the sea or air. There will be a world wide involvement with healthcare, food, and resources of all kinds. Resources will be shared easily between countries. Our economies will also be intertwined, most but not all countries, will wish to be a part of this coalition. Our governments will work more closely on many issues and decisions will be made for the good of the world.

It will be a very clean world, we will not permit pollution of any kind. More green space will be added or created, especially in cities. I saw large parks and lots of people enjoying the outdoor spaces. People will mostly work from home but the technology will give us the tools to go to meetings in any part of the world. Bi-location will be a tool we can use and do with ease and we will attend meetings and school in this manner. Colleges will be able to use the world as their classroom through holograms. Trips can be virtual too. We will be able to go anywhere and experience every aspect of a place without leaving home. Our homes will be hubs of technology connecting us to the world. Technology will be a part of our lives but not running our lives. The home I saw was run with advanced technology, this will give us the opportunities to do and connect with many people, but we also will have gardens, and yards and we will care and use our outside spaces all the time. We work with technology but we will not be run by it.

Crime will be very low. It will be a happy, very spiritual way of life. Life will be more relaxed and peaceful. There will be pockets of people who will not wish this way of life, that will be each person's choice. We will pay a food tax which will help wipe out hunger around the world. The extra money we pay in tax will send food to all corners of the world.

The world will make universal decisions about many issues. We will still have individual rights and countries will still be separate and have their own laws but in many areas we will work as one, for the good or all. Many old ways will end in order for a new one to begin. Systems must break down so new ideas and ways can emerge. We will learn to work together. Medicine will be universal, you will be able to see any doctor in any part of the world. Surgeries will be performed in sacred spaces. Once the surgery is done you will be able to go home and doctors and nurses will be able to check in on you at your home. New jobs will emerge as needs create them. Nature will be honored and she will set the rules. We will care for the Earth and keep her clean. Earth mirrors our fears or love. She shows it in the weather throughout the world. As our vibrations grow and we transition into higher levels she will also transition into higher levels. This will allow her weather patterns to calm and storms to be less severe.

We will still gather in small groups and enjoy each other's company. We will not run and hurry but walk with ease.

As I was brought back from this amazing view of our future, I felt hopeful and excited for what is to come. I asked why is there a spread of 10 to 25 years? Gabriel said that the sooner people see this as their reality and start to believe that this is all possible the sooner it will happen. Our feelings, wants and desires determine our future. The more people believe in this future the faster it will manifest.

Right now we are going through difficult times of destruction. The old must be torn down in order for the new to be built. There will be more people sick, homeless and out of work. It will be a very dark time full of fear. Many can help by being healers. We need healers in the medical fields, but we also need healers in other areas of life. We need to remain hopeful and believe a better world is coming. I was promised, the best is yet to come!

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