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Contemporary Mysticism
Cyndi Smith
by Cyndi Smith

Angels and Guides are with you now more than ever. We know these times are hard and scary for most of the people of this planet. We understand the truly difficult and devastating reality you face, but from our vantage point we see things in a different way. We know the “why” this is all happening. Many of you have received guidance and messages of this transforming time, of a new awakening, that is what is happening to all of you and the whole of 8Earth. Not only are you as a species evolving, but all the creatures and Earth herself is changing too.

This time of awakening has been known and prophesied from long ago. Many indigenous people have known this time was coming, this change. We are rejoicing for we know the wonders that will open and be available for everyone. Not all will be ready for this change and many will be frightened and not wish to stay. Those who do not wish to stay will come home and the adjustments will happ0en here. When they are ready, they will come back, changed and ready for the new world. Many of you many experience strange aches and pains, even feeling sick. Some of these are not medical but changes we are introducing to your bodies to help with the transformation. We are realigning you for the shift into a higher level of light and frequency. The shift into higher consciousness.

Not only are messages being sent from Heaven, but Earth herself is giving you help and guidance. She has always talked to those who listen. The ancient ones, the indigenous peoples of Earth know the language. They can talk to the animals and plants and know what plants are food or medicine and what ones are not. That language is still here and people are beginning to open, to hear it once again. Farmers will know, if they can listen, the needs of the earth they til. The harmony they have with the earth will enhance the crops they grow and therefore enhance the food we eat. People need to reconnect to earth and hear her messages.

You have never been left unattended, on the contrary you are being given so much loving guidance. Do not let fear blind you to what miracles are around you. You are wrapped in a blanket of love and light. So many people are open and talking about this transformation, listen for we speak through them. There are magnificent wonders that await you. All the tools are here for you to manifest a clean beautiful world. Use your dreams and thoughts to create the utopia you want to live in. Listen to the inner yearnings of your soul, not your mind, but deep in your soul where you feel the right path and knowledge. The more you dream and believe the faster these ideas will become real. We have stockpiles of new inventions just waiting for you to create them. Think big and don’t be afraid. New alliances will be created throughout the world, everyone will learn to work and live together. It will be a more peaceful and rewarding life with less stress and a cleaner world to live in. Nature will rule, and be honored. Ask for the help and guidance you need, for we have an abundance of love to give.

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