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Contemporary Mysticism
Cyndi Smith
by Cyndi Smith

There are other worlds and entities throughout the universe, some more advanced in their thinking and actions, others not as far along. These entities vary in size and shape depending on where they live. Their planet defines the body they inhabit. The body must work with the planet’s makeup. An Earth body would not work on other planets and so each body is unique to its own planet to hold the soul for the term of its journey. Many souls will visit other planets to learn and grow, humans have visited other planets to experience different lifetimes too. It is similar to how exchange students visit other countries here on Earth.

The planets and stars and all celestial bodies are a reflection of your imagination, which is part of the collective mind. Stars hold great power and force. They undulate and move to the swaying waves in the universe. Each has a unique tonal sound that it resonates to, much like a musical note. There is music that is found in the Heavens more beautiful than any on Earth. The universe is not stationary, it is in constant motion and the stars and planets move to its flow. These celestial bodies have great force, but they feel the winds of change that are happening now. All things are connected by the web of light, which is really love. This is not the internet. This web is unseen but strong and it is found throughout the universe. When it is seen through advanced eyes it looks like thin, iridescent light strands. These strands are made of love connecting all life forces together and each and every life force can feel it.

In each of you the web is strong, but many of you do not feel the pull yet. You think of yourselves as separate or alone, but all are truly only one. When one falls the vibration` is felt throughout the world. More and more of you are feeling the pull of change. You are waking to the pull of the web and feeling your interconnectedness. You feel that something is wrong and react to it. Only love will heal fear. In time you will feel when an animal is hurt or a tree falls, you were all that connected, at one time, and will be again. You are reawakening to these things, opening to the possibilities that you are growing in the truths that have always been within you. This rippling effect in the web is how you were meant to communicate and connect with others. You will be aware of more, know more, and feel more. Your vibration levels will rise and you will want change and work toward it. That’s why, this time, what you feel, feels different. There is an urgency this time, to make it right. There will reach a point of critical mass where true change will happen because the collective mind sees it as so. There will always be some who will fight against the change, but for most it will become necessary.

We are helping to reconnect these bands of light, of love, in the web. This will help to enhance everyone’s ability to feel the pull and know when the web has been stretched or broken. The web is growing stronger in each of you. You are being altered to see life through new eyes. Right now is a perfect time to look inside, to forgive others and yourself. To truly feel and see the magnificent being you are. To live in a state of joy as you were meant to live. You are of God, it is time you remember your true connection to Him.

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