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Cyndi Smith
by Cyndi Smith

Gabriel’s Message February

You celebrate love on one day each year, Valentine’s Day, but love should be celebrated everyday throughout the year.

Love is the fuel, the essence of all life. It courses through all living things, trees, rocks, animals and stars. In everything, everywhere there is love. It is the fuel, the energy in the web of life. Without it the web of life would be just strands connecting all living things together, but without any force. Love is the power in the web of life, without it the web is useless and does not have any purpose.

You only think of love as a romantic feeling, which it is, but it is so much more. The love I am talking about is not lust. The love that powers the universe is felt when you help a friend, care for your pet, love your family. It is power, energy and light. It fuels all living things. If a car doesn’t have gas it won’t run, without love the universe would collapse. It powers everything, everywhere.

Cyndi had a near death experience at age 13. When she was in God’s presence she was embraced by God’s love, it was poured into her. It is difficult to find words for that magnificent feeling, but!n a very real way she was being refueled by God’s love. God’s love is the fuel that powers the universe.

Love, you can’t see it, or touch it, but you can feel it. You write books and songs about it, and above all else, it is what everyone craves the most. God’s love does not have any strings attached, no rules. It is given freely and completely to all. As humans you put rules, restrictions, measurements and judgements on your love. You hold love back from some, including yourselves.

Try and think of love as a fuel, it is as important to sustain your life as water. This fuel needs to flow throughout the universe, continuously with ease. As the speed and flow increases things heal and more joy and happiness are found where before there was little. It is a healing balm. There is an abundance of God’s love, it can never run dry. The faster and easier love flows out of you, the more love is returned to you. Circulation throughout the universe is critical for it helps and heals everything. As I said before, with advanced eyes, love looks like iridescent light flowing throughout the universe on thin strands that makeup the web of life. The stronger the love in you the brighter the light in you, more love, more light, you literally glow brighter.

Spread more love throughout your life, in all aspects, everyday. As you give more love you may feel your heart expanding. The more you give the more you will receive. As the love in you increases, your light grows brighter and those who are dark will find less places to hide. As the light brightens the vibrations increase in you which speeds up your transformation to higher levels of consciousness. It is a chain reaction. As the fuel, love, increases its flow it creates more light, which increases the vibration levels, which speeds up the transformation to higher levels of consciousness.

Turn up your flow and let your love, light shine.

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