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Cyndi Smith
by Cyndi Smith

Gabriel’s Message March

There are pathways throughout the universes that are like super highways, where any kind of being can speed through time and space in an instant. These super highways connect all celestial bodies and different dimensional worlds together to make travel easier. These highways can’t be seen but they are felt and are known to all. On each planet or celestial body there are several entry points or portals. These entry points can sometimes cause disturbances in the atmospheres of planets. Here on Earth you are sometimes affected by these portals, but few know or understand what they truly are. This interconnectedness creates a beautiful musical dance of planets, stars, all celestial bodies and all of creation even in different dimensions. Everything moves to the waltz of the universe, to its flow. We are all a part of this magnificent music, all is right, we are where we should be at this moment.

All over Earth there are pathways of energy called Ley lines. This energy grid sends light and power all around Earth. These energy paths criss cross around the world and where they cross higher energy is felt. All creatures draw on Earth’s energy. Some creatures use these lines for migration and others follow pathways throughout the oceans. As humans you have built buildings of worship, of all types, on these lines, especially where they cross. Independence Hall has 3 Ley lines that cross right behind it. The forefathers of your country knew about these lines and built this important building to have Earth’s energy fortify those who worked there. These Ley lines are a source of great power, especially where they cross, this energy pulls all of creation to come and connect with Earth. Her energy heightens your awareness and opens your connectedness to her.

Earth is a living thing and like all living things she has energy and a soul. Your connection to Earth is intimate and real. She sustains your life while you are here. You don’t think of her as alive, but she is and she cares for all creatures that live on her. In the past, people used to walk on these energy lines in bare feet or with leather shoes so they could feel and soak up Earth’s energy through their feet. Gardeners sometimes feel the energy through their hands as they work the soil. Many indigenous people still know and understand Earth’s energy lines. Earth’s energy and flow is still felt within you, even if you are not aware of what it is. You are connected to Earth and all she is, more than you realize. For too long you have neglected and abused the resources of Earth. Now is the time for truly understanding your role and responsibilities to Earth. In this time of great change it is necessary to correct and attend to past mistakes made to Earth. As your interconnectedness grows and your vibration levels increase, know that Earth will also transform in tandem with the human race. Her needs now become important so that she can rise vibrationally with you. Help her by doing all you can to protect all of Earth’s creatures as well as Earth herself. Your energies are intertwined with Earth’s and cannot be separated. Love and care for Earth as she has cared and loved you. You are an integral part of Earth.

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