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Cyndi Smith
by Cyndi Smith

Gabriel’s Message April

Angels are not male or female, we have some human characteristics within each of us, but we are uniquely different from humans in many ways. We do not have families or own any properties. Our soul purpose is to serve God and help the beings of the universe find joy. We intervene when we are asked for help or assistance, but we can not act unless we are first asked. Each guardian Angel is assigned to an individual for the duration of their life, from their first breath to their last. Upon their final breath they accompany the soul of that person, back to Heaven. Each human carries a unique and precious gift in them, a tiny piece of God. This divine gem is guarded and watched over by your guardian Angel. Everything in God’s universe has a soul, but only beings, like humans, have the divine spark of God within them. Even we as Angels do not carry this gift in us.

On Earth, as on other planets throughout the universe, there are beings of light and those of evil. The web of life that connects all of creation together still connects all types of beings together. It is by your choice as to what you will be. When you were in Heaven, before this life began, you made a very detailed life plan for yourself. Once you arrived on Earth all memory of that plan was erased. Your second, very special gift from God, is that of free will. You have the right to follow the plan you made for yourself or you can change it and improve upon it. You can also decide to go down a very dark, negative path that takes you away from God’s love. You have the right to make new and different choices every day of your life. God’s love for you doesn’t stop just because you pick a different path. If you are on a negative path you are the one who has turned off the spigot to God’s love and chosen to go in that direction. The negativity you find yourself in is by your own doing. If you ask for help and guidance you will be given help and the light of love will flow into you once again. No soul is forgotten or lost, God forgets no one.

When you return home after a lifetime you do not face a board of review where your life’s deeds are laid out in front of you. There is no judgement panel or God sitting on a throne looking down on all you have done. Only you will review your life in its entirety. Great deeds are important, but how you treated your fellow man is of greater importance. You will feel the weight of your decisions as they were received by others. You will know, for the good or not so good, how your life’s actions and deeds affected others. Then you will know, from others point of view, how you were perceived. Did you accomplish your goals? Did you learn some of the lessons you had written in your life’s plan to learn? What did you gain in truths? You will have the answers to these questions and more to prepare you for your next lifetime, but only if you wish to have one.

Upon your return you will reconnect with your higher self. Not all of your soul fits into the human body. You are able to do and be so much more than you believe you can do. You can bi-locate at will, travel to any place in the universe just by thought, communicate telepathically and so much more. These limitations are necessary to live a life on Earth, but in Heaven you will remember all you truly are and embrace your true abilities. You will reconnect with loved ones, especially your pets. You have vocations in Heaven that keep you busy. It is also a time to heal, relax and regenerate. In Heaven you plan and prepare for your next course, will it be another lifetime on Earth or on a different planetary system? Perhaps you wish to be a friend’s guide for their lifetime. There are so many options open to you. You will decide your next best course. Guides will help you navigate your choices, but in the end it is your decision. Where will you go? What will you be? So many paths to explore. Heaven is only the starting point for your next adventure.

We as Angels are here to help and guide. If you listen and give us the opportunity we can help you achieve your goals and wishes while on Earth. Our main job is that of assistance and reassurance. You are never without guidance or help, you are never alone. God’s love is so abundant and we were created to embody that love in a useful, caring way. You may not see us or feel us, but we are always by your side, you are always in God’s care and ours.

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