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Cyndi Smith
by Cyndi Smith

Gabriel’s Message May

Joy is your natural state, it is the state you were meant to live in. Yet most humans do not live in a blissful state of joy. How did you get so far from your natural state? Humans were created as perfect. God created you from love and gave you a part of divinity which you carry within you. You do not need to fix, learn, work or do anything to improve or better yourself. Perfect is perfect.

Somewhere back in time humans felt separated from God and therefore less than perfect. The decision to create lifetimes started, expanded and has continued ever since. Humans have felt that each lifetime is a chance to correct, experience, or pay back a karmic mistake. You, and you alone, have been the ones to create these illusions that these lives are real. They are not. They are your version of acting out your own desires and wishes. You create these lives to satisfy your needs and wants. You are the main character in your own play, everything is created by you to satisfy your own goals or needs. This constant lifetime after lifetime is not necessary or needed. God watches, and sees you like children playing dress up and make believe. That’s what you do in each lifetime, you pretend and you play a role which feels real, but in reality it is not. They are unnecessary and in time you will understand this and wish for these to end. Only when you realize that this is self created and self imposed will you begin to question why? Why have I done this? What do I hope to learn that I haven’t learned before? When you tire of this merry-go-round you will finally reach a point where you will want to understand your true identity and change. You will end the repetition and all the doubt about yourself. You will forgive yourself and others, and give into the fact that you are in fact perfect and have always been.

God waits patiently for you to surrender, and to awaken to the love that is in you7. God created you from love in perfect form. There has never been a need to improve upon that. It is only in your eyes that you see yourselves as imperfect. That is where the judgement started and the separation began. God is waiting for a time when you will look at yourself and realize that you are perfect, and that perfection is your true identity. Then you will join with God in your true state of joy and live as you were meant to live.

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