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Cyndi Smith
by Cyndi Smith

Jesus’ Message

Toward the end of July I was visited by Jesus. He has very strong, powerful energy. I felt like I was holding a high voltage wire, I was filled with His strong energy for days. He told me the energy I felt was from Him and He apologized for the power of it. He did say in time it would wear off and it has. This message, He passed on to me and asked me to pass it on to others.

Surrender, the word sounds like you are losing your identity, giving up, failure. It sounds very negative, but nothing can be further from the truth. In reality you are part of a whole, the whole being God. Therefore you really don’t exist as an individual. I know this may sound strange, but this is the truth. Surrender is not giving up or giving in, but realizing what and who you truly are, it is a part of something much bigger.

Surrender is knowing that you are a part of God and therefore perfect in every way. You don’t have flaws and defects and you don’t need to pay back karmic debts. These you’ve invented because you feel less than perfect, less than God. But being a part of God makes you perfect and complete, you just don’t remember. By finally surrendering to God you will be reunited and truly know yourself as you honestly are.

God’s plan is perfect and once you can see it you will understand your place in it. You will know what you wrote for this lifetime and why and you will understand all your struggles and work and disappointments are unnecessary. Perfect is perfect, you don’t need to fix anything. Remembering your true self may seem hard and a long stretch, especially if you feel unworthy of God’s love. But I assure you, you were not meant to work or struggle so hard at life.

Life is meant to be joyful and happy. So few of you experience life this way. You don’t know your true self and who and what you really are. You think of yourself as flesh, not spirit and soul. You feel grounded to Earth, not of the stars and the universe. Once you can start to look up and see and feel yourself as more than mortal, you will begin to open to who you truly are. Be brave and know that you have lived hundreds of times all unnecessary to improve yourself. You truly have one identity and that is known to you and God. You were made perfect by God, no additional upgrades are needed.

Start to learn about your true self in connection to God. Once you start to seek this identity, all else will seem unimportant. Open to God’s love and let it fill and feed you. For His love is the food of the universe and all need and crave it. Open to God, look for understanding of His perfect plan and realize you have a place in that plan just for you. You all are needed just as you are.

Surrendering to God is not giving up your identity, it is finding your place next to God, filled with His love. It is not weakness but strength, it takes strength of character to open yourself up to fully surrender. That is the definition of true faith. Fear can’t enter into your thoughts only love. Only the strong can open and believe enough to be that vulnerable.

Believe in God’s love, know it is real and know it is the sustaining power that holds the universe together. Without God’s love all life would cease to exist. With a force that powerful you would think everyone would want to be filled with love, but so many are lacking faith and are afraid.

Be not afraid, God’s love is here for all, in abundance for all to have. Fill yourself and be made new.

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