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Cyndi Smith
by Cyndi Smith

Mother Mary’s Message July

Toward the end of May I was visited by Mother Mary. She imparted some messages to me. I could feel her quiet, strong feminine power. It was different from Gabriel’s. She commands respect, but in a gentle way. Gabriel has asked me to share her messages starting in July.

She is our Mother to all. She wants us to trust in her, as our Mother, as she leads us to a better tomorrow by loving ourselves and others equally. Love yourself as you are with all your frailties.

As a child you were taught many lessons to do this and that, but were you given permission to love yourself as you are? Probably not, even though your parents did. You love others, but rarely love yourself with equal respect. That needs to change. By loving yourself you open yourself up to understanding who and what you truly are. You are made of love, not just flesh and bone, love is the energy that courses through you and gives you life.

This love is found throughout the universe and is the energy that runs all of life everywhere. Without love we don’t exist. It is our essence. If we can tune into this love and open ourselves to it, it gets amplified and becomes greater. We then feel more, understand more and are open to grow more in our knowledge of the universal workings of God.

It’s like turning on a tap of water. Little trickles turn into gushes the more the tap is turned. So it is with love. Understanding, wisdom, and knowledge will come forth when the tap is open and the love can flow.

She is our Mother and she wants to teach us how to love ourselves as we do others and all things. By opening ourselves to this love we learn to be open to others and most importantly, to the love of God.

It is not selfish or arrogant to love yourself. It is knowing, kindness and acceptance of all you are. It is the gentle, sweet knowledge of yourself, loving all aspects equally and honestly without exception. That kind of love is not pompous or self righteous, it is deep within you. It holds power and opens the tap to greater understanding to the workings of the universe and all it has to offer.

Mother Mary has great strength, just by her presence. She commands respect by being and knowing. You are entitled to that respect as you know and love yourself. By opening up to that full love you become grounded in who you are, all of you. Power comes from that acceptance and grace of just being you. When you are open and clear of all old covers, and stand naked to the world, you will be stronger than ever before. This honesty will let you be free to just be you.

How wonderful would the world be if all could just be themselves and accepted for that. Peace would reign.

This is the goal Mother Mary has for us. It is obtainable for all, but it starts with opening yourself up to love. First and honestly love yourself, then love others. Realize God’s love flows in each of us, therefore we are no different from one another. We were all created by love.

To honor Mother Mary, know yourself as you truly are, start to open to this love and feel it flow. As it flows changes will happen, changes are happening now. Open and accept yourself completely with love. Once you do that the rest will easily follow.

She leads us and asks us to trust her as our Mother, honor her wishes.

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