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Cyndi Smith
by Cyndi Smith

Mother Mary’s Message August

Once you recognize the love within yourself, you will see it in everyone and everything. As you feel this love you will look at life with different eyes and never again wish harm in any way. You will see perfection in everything, everywhere.

You will not be able to see anything but the perfect love that surrounds everyone and everything. Your vision will, forever more, be changed.

It’s like putting on a new set of glasses and seeing life in its true form. You will never again be able to go back to your old thoughts and habits. Your vision has changed and so has your heart. You feel and see love everywhere, in all things.

As your vision changes so does your heart and other parts of your body. Your heart is now more open and receives the additional love that is pouring in. Your senses are heightened and your body is undergoing change. Your chakras are opening and aligning into proper alignment allowing the flow of love and universal information to come into you with ease.

You are becoming an open channel for information ready to receive and understand messages from the Divine. You will be in tune with the higher realms and communication will flow easier.

As you open yourself to this expansion and information you realize how perfect God’s plan is and how it all works together. So much will now be understood and this information is available to everyone, once you are aligned and open. Now you are open to communicate with higher beings, Angels and guides can all work with you so you can achieve the knowledge you want. Everything is available to you, you just have to ask for it.

Physically your body will change. You will become lighter, more at ease with yourself and the world. Many physical aches and pains will disappear. Your natural state of joy will be the normal as opposed to the exception. You will crave only natural, good food for your body and you will notice it functions at a higher, more efficient level.

Sleep will come easier and remembering your dreams will become easier too. Many times messages are delivered in this dream state.

Resentments and past disagreements with others will seem childish and unimportant. They will not matter and that eases your heart and overall health too. You will not carry all the heaviness of anger within you and that will change your body for the better. Tensions will lessen and ease throughout your body, allowing the strain in muscles and joints to disappear. Many diseases will just go away and you may feel more youthful again. Disease is “unease” within you. As you become filled with love the “unease” will go away.

Your relationships with others will improve as you see them as yourself through eyes of love. You will not judge and criticize but instead look, understand and accept. This will not happen in an instant, but as you open the tap of love and let it fill you, you will see and feel significant change.

For others who are not yet ready to open to this love you will seem different, even strange. You will accept this, knowing in time they also will go through this change. You may even lose friendships because of how you now feel and act. That’s OK, they will be back once they understand and start down this path of change too. Never fear loss, it is only temporary, nothing is ever really lost.

Be kind to yourself and others as you go through this change. It will take time to adapt to the new you and others will need time to adjust too.

In the end your body will be grateful for the change, even if you are not sure about the new you. Losing an old identity can be hard and scary. Be brave and know a new and better you will emerge, happier and stronger than before.

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