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Cyndi Smith
by Cyndi Smith

Mother Mary’s Message September

Forgiveness is important. First, forgive yourself for all past deeds, for all your short-comings and imperfections. Start with yourself and honestly go within to forgive all.

Once you can honestly and openly forgive who you are for all past and present things, then it is time to forgive anyone who you have not forgiven and need to. Go back and search them out, even if it is only in your mind. You don’t have to face them in person, but you do need to honestly, from the heart, forgive them.

As this load gets lifted you will feel lighter and more at peace within yourself. Daily prayer or meditation will help keep you grounded and in touch with the Divine. How and where you meditate is not important, but doing it is.

This keeps these channels open so the flow of information can come through easier. The more you are open the easier these messages can get through. As you get use to this prayer/meditation it will become an integral part of your day. And just like exercise you will feel the need to keep it up for your body and soul.

Honor yourself and don’t get upset if there are setbacks. If you have a hard time releasing anger toward your cousin or co-worker, realize it takes time and work. It doesn’t magically happen at once. Work on each one slowly and as you make progress notice how you feel, lighter, less tension, happier.

Now the next step is loving yourself unconditionally. You love parts of yourself. If you are an athlete you love your strength or speed and you work hard to stay in top form, but loving the parts of you you don’t like is hard, I don’t like the fact that I am losing my hair, I am fat, I judge people quickly, I have little patience, I get angry at what others have and I don’t. The list is endless and complex, but if one at a time you look at each of these and can overcome the anger and fear, one by one they can fall away.

It takes time and commitment and you can’t get frustrated that you feel it is taking too long. Each step is a milestone and one more burden you can put down and not carry anymore. Be free of these dislikes and move toward acceptance of all. This is not an easy task, but a necessary and important one. This is your task to take one part at a time, examine it, understand it, and release it with love. Examine each aspect, really look at it from all angles, know why it is there and where it came from. What started it? Can it now be let go? Then release it with love.

Over and over again one at a time look at each aspect, and you will uncover some hard truths about yourself along the way, if you are honest. There is no judgement, no one is watching you, it is only you being honest with yourself. This is not easy to do. As you release each piece give yourself a victory dance, a high five. One part honestly examined and released, these are big steps, celebrate each one. The more you do the better you will feel and you will find the task not as burdensome. Some will be very hard to face, be brave, these milestones will help you in the long run.

You are never totally without fault, but you can lighten your load. That is because you don’t see yourself as perfect, even though you are. Accept that the more work you do the better you will feel. Learn to love yourself as you are truly loved.

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