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Below are links to online video files from past meetings...
Angel Talk Watch this fascinating video of The Angels of Saint Paul's, a talk and tour led by the Rev'd Clifford Cutler, Rector of Saint Paul's Episcopal Church on December 9, 2018
Joan Diver On November 11, 2018, Joan Diver visited the Center and St. Paul's to share her fascinating journey and to discuss her new book, When Spirit Calls: A Healing Odyssey.
Annabella Wood Annabella Wood visited the Center on September 16, 2018 to talk with us about "The Connected Universe" and Spirituality and the Dawn of Unified Physics.
Jon Mundy Jon Mundy visits the Center on May 5-6, 2018 for "Love & Miracles in Philadelphia." Here Jon compares and contracts A Course in Miracles and A Course of Love.
Mari and Mary Mari Perron and Mary Love visit the Center on May 5-6, 2018 for "Love & Miracles in Philadelphia." Here they explore A Mindful Journey Toward Wholeheartedness.
Sacred Garden Don Gilbert and Adriene Nicastro-Santos from the Sacred Garden Fellowship were at the Center February 17-18, 2018 to help us open our awareness to "Spiritual Healing."
Ute Arnold Ute Arnold, artist, therapist and author, visits the Center on November 19, 2017 to lead us in an exploration of "Sensory Intelligence" and how to listen to our bodies.
Christiane Meunier Christiane Meunier, astrologer, artist, photographer, quilter, mentor, and life coach visits the Center on October 8, 2017 to talk about "Evolutionary Astrology"
Marcy Vaughn & Gabriel Rocco Co-founders of Contemplative Arts in Bryn Mawr, Gabriel Rocco and Marcy Vaughn, visited the Center on September 10 to discuss "Finding Compassion in Difficult Times."
Linda Backman Video of Dr. Linda Backman, psychologist and regression therapist, who returned to the Center on May 21, 2017 to talk about "Past Lives and Soul Agreements Today"
Anna Swora Video of Anna Swora at the Center on March 19, 2017, as she talks about perennial astrology and looks at the charts of some famous political and cultural figures.
Mari Perron Mari Perron, scribe and first receiver of A Course of Love, visited the Center for a day-long retreat and talk for the public. This is a video of her talk on February 26, 2017.
Eve Kerwin Video "White Buffalo Woman—A Voice for Shamanic Healing." Eve Kerwin shares her remarkable life story and work in her visit to the Center on January 22, 2017.
Malcolm Smith Video "Spiritual Power, Healing Hands" features Malcolm Smith, one of England's most respected spiritual healers. He visited the Center on November 13, 2016.
Margaret Dulaney Video of essayist and playwright, Margaret Dulaney, as she returned to the Center on September 11, 2016 to share stories of Divine communications.
John Amoroso Video on "The Perennial Path / Spiritual Journey" from May 15, 2016 meeting. Dr. John Z. Amoroso leads discussion on pursuing a psycho-spiritually grounded life.
Paolo Propato See video "How Divine Encounters Can Change a Life" from April 24, 2016, meeting with Paolo Propato, acupuncture therapist and meditation teacher.
Erica Hyatt See video "Making Meaning of Grief—A Better Understanding" January 10, 2016. Dr. Erica Goldblatt Hyatt leads workshop on "healthy" ways of coping with grief.
Judith Miller Click to see "Healing the Western Soul" from November 15, 2015 as Dr. Judith Miller shares stories and discusses questions from her latest book.
Steven Charleston Click to see "The Four Vision Quests of Jesus" from October 24, 2015 as Steven Charleston shares four experiences in the life of Jesus through eyes of a Native American.
Rich Braconi Click to see "Expanding the Divine Presence Within Us" from September 20, 2015 as Rich Braconi shares his journey from narcotics agent to life coach, spirit medium.
Linda Backman Click to see "The Evolving Soul" from our May 17, 2015 meeting as Dr. Linda Backman leads us on a journey of spiritual healing through past life exploration.
Margaret Dulaney Click to see "Exploring Faith Through Story & Metaphor" from our March 15, 2015 meeting as Margaret Dulaney shares her life and work as an essayist and playwright.
Jacquie O'Malley Click to see "Mindfulness for Adults and Children" video from our January 11, 2015 meeting as Jacquie O'Malley shares her story and leads a worship on Mindfulness.
Christine Duminiak Click to see "After-Death Communications: God's Gift of Love" video from our November 16, 2014 meeting as Christine Duminiak shares her story and her ministries.
Walking El Camino Click to see "Walking El Camino de Santiago" video from a presentation on September 19, 2014, where Holly and Diana share this 500-mile "adventure of a lifetime."
Cyndi Smith Click to see "Growing Up with Psychic Gifts" video from our April 2014 meeting as Cyndi Smith shares what it’s like to grow up with psychic gifts and unusual abilities
Les Nyiri Click to see "NDEs: They're Not All the Same" video from our February 2014 meeting as Les Nyiri shares their personal journeys with a near-death experience
Eben Alexander Click to see a video of Dr. Eben Alexander's talk at St. Paul's Episcopal Church, Chestnut Hill, Philadelphia, PA on October 20, 2013
Lorna Byrne On Sunday March 17, 2013, Irish mystic and angel communicator Lorna Byrne came to St. Paul's. This event was created and coordinated by writer & PR professional
Sabina Clarke. More than 600 people attended.
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